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Understand your limiting beliefs regarding money
Your limiting beliefs towards money are like fortress walls between you and true wealth! By creating an inventory of your limiting beliefs towards money and wealth, you identify what is holding you back from living the life you want.

Dissolve your negative programs towards money
Edouard shares with you his unique Energy technique to dissolve negative beliefs. This is probably the fastest technique in the world to dissolve negative programs, and it is accessible online for you today. This technique derives from 28 years of research and development by Edouard with the Energy Masters of the world.
Each of us hopes for the best life where we have more money and free time. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!! How can you achieve it?

Edouard’s Money Secrets Master Class will show how you can:
Develop the 10 fields of Abundance
Abundance in all fields of life is a mindset. It’s about money, relationships, health, etc. The sooner you begin to reset your mindset. It will allow you to get greater results faster and with less effort. Success is not just about hard work, it’s about manifestation, skills, luck, and valuing yourself.

Learn a powerful Energy meditation technique
The difference between Energy meditation and meditation is like the difference between a fast train and a slow cart. With Energy meditation you will experience immediate pleasure, feel a change within, and get quicker results. This Energy meditation and other techniques from Edouard will help you create a life you love.

Get many bonuses within the Master Class!
You will receive an Energy mantra to create Abundance and money flow. You will learn to improve your focus and determination. You will start to use your power of creativity and faith. You will master your thoughts and emotions for good!

✔ You have difficulty managing money
✔ You have debt and consistently spend more than you earn
✔ You desire to attract more money but don't know how
✔ You are not sufficiently developed in one of the 10 fields of Abundance: health, money, love, family, network, friends, emotional health, travel, spirituality.
This Master Class is for you if :
If you create a mindset of Abundance, you experience Abundance. We reset your mindset and transform your way of thinking and because of it, your life will also transform. You will learn about the 10 fields of Abundance and how to improve each of them. Get ready for unique energy techniques!
Module 1
The course for those who are ready for improvement
Get what you want, deserve and dream about
Identify negative beliefs. We will work on your beliefs and how to access Energy to increase your Power of Faith and Abundance to liberate you from negative beliefs. You will learn powerful mantras and exclusive meditation techniques.
Module 2
Get a step-by-step plan for improving your financial situation, including specific advice from Edouard, who has over 15 years of experience in finance
Module 4
Module 3
Learn the skills you need to reach your potential for wealth. Edouard has worked with numerous billionaires and CEOs and know these skills from his own experience.
About Edouard
Edouard Brault, one of the world's leading energy specialists, wants to help you! He has UNIQUE KNOWLEDGE AND STRATEGIES to share on how you can access Abundance.

For 28 years, he has studied the field of Energy and Abundance, traveling the world and working with more than 100 Energy Masters. He has developed a unique art of generating energies that favor success, prosperity, and fulfillment. He truly knows how you can REACH ABUNDANCE in all aspects of your life!

Do YOU want to live an Abundant life?

As an energy coach, Edouard has worked with many notable people and dedicated himself to coaching

  • 12,000+
    Private Energy Coaching Sessions
  • 100+
    Billionaires and CEO's
  • 28
    Years of Research and Development 
  • 20
    Hollywood Stars and Producers
  • Sport World #1
  • 4
    World Famous Musicians
A Master Energy Course designed for ultimate Abundance!
Invest in yourself. When you enroll you will access more than a few simple money tricks and tips. You will discover that you are able to dream and believe in yourself. You will open yourself up to the Universe and its Abundance.

Every module has a unique value. You will learn about yourself and how to overcome your limitations with techniques, mantras, and meditations.

In addition to the videos, you will receive The Gamebook, which will be fun and help you solidify the valuable things you learn.

Financial master class so you know how to manage your money well. With four chapters to work through you will better understand how to manage your Abundance.
We want you to feel secure in your purchase.
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