15-17 July 2022
Are you ready for an unforgettable journey and filling every field of your life with Abundance and Success?
We invite you to go on an Energy trip to Istanbul! For centuries, this beautiful city has been the center of East-West trade and world history. Its rulers knew a lot about Energy and created a lot of sacred places that can fill you with the vibrations of Abundance, Success, Harmony and Love!

Edouard Brault selected the program so that in 3 days of travelling around Istanbul, you could enjoy all the wonders and benefits of this mysterious place.

You will visit sacred mosques, take a look at the city from wonderful observation decks, go on a cruise along the Bosphorus and even reveal a couple of secrets of the Grand Bazaar! Get ready to take a lot of photos! This trip will change your life for the better!

Develop your Abundance with Power Places!
Power Places are the energy centers or vortices (vortexes) of our planet: Machu Picchu, the Pyramids of Egypt, Carnac in Britany, Stonhenge, Mount Kailash, Hagia Sophia in istanbul, the Pantheon in Rome are among the most famous.
Edouard Brault is one of the world's leading experts on Power Places. He has a unique ability to activate Power Places and can also teach you how to interact with these points correctly and get maximum useful energy from them.

During your trip to Istanbul, you will connect to Power Places and the Source of Abundance that will give you success and prosperity for many years!
During the trip to Istanbul, we will open:
  • The Blue Mosque and the Energy of Oneness with the Inner God,
  • Saint Sophia and the Energy of Wisdom,
  • Sultan Ahmed Square and the Energy of Peace and Abundance,
  • Laleli Mosque, the Energy of Joy and the feeling of inner Light,
  • Topkapi and 4 power places with the Energy of Joy, Love, Peace and Wisdom,
  • Yeni Mosque and the Energy of Love!
The price: 2000 $*
The cost includes:
  • the program
  • Edouard’s energy work and initiations
  • entrance tickets on the location
  • transportation between locations of the program
* Please contact our team, if you need to purchase a trip in installments!
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